SWP: 170 Growing Your Capital with Integrity & the Right Team

Steven Libman is a Boston University graduate and has been active in the real estate world for more than a decade now. He was a broker for several years and eventually became a real estate investor. The managing director and founder of Integrity Holdings Group likes to work with growth minded partners and investors and assists them in generational wealth creation and creating a passive income.

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082: All That Matter is Happy Investors!

Steven Libman started as a fix-and-flipper, and then added single-family and multifamily real estate to his portfolio. He was already focused on achieving results. 

After attending the Kahuna Boardroom, Steven hit the ground running. Now, I’m not saying my Boardroom is the be-all, end-all. But since then, Steven’s Integrity Holdings Group has closed $32 million in deals, plus $34 million under contract. Those are amazing results!

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How to Become Recession-Resistant by Investing in Self-Storage Real Estate w/Steven Libman

What This Episode Is About

Commercial real estate offers great opportunities for passive investment, but not all real estate is created equal. Which space should we be investing in? 

How can we identify an appropriate market for our investments? 

On this episode, Managing Partner at Integrity Holdings Group, Steven Libman, shares his experience with the self-storage space.

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Unbelievable Real Estate Stories

EP 44: Capital. Drop the Mic...

Steven Libman shares with us today how he made the jump from flipping single home units to securing his first large commercial property investment. In particular, the age-old challenge of “you’re not experienced enough” had to be overcome!

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The Real Estate Syndication Show

WS163: How I Transitioned from Fix and Flip to Real Estate Syndication

Steven Libman, Managing Partner, Integrity Capital Group shares some expert tips that will help inexperienced investors launch their real estate own syndication business.

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JF1485: How To Do Over $15 Million In Wholesales In Just One Year with Steven Libman & Adam Rae

Steven and Adam teamed together to build a huge wholesaling business. They also transitioned over to commercial real estate to secure some passive income. If you want to know how to wholesale A LOT of deals and/or want to know more about commercial real estate investing, listen to what they have to say in this episode! Read More



Jason and Pili Yarusi: Multifamily Foundations

Travis Cotter and Steven Libman are the Managing Members of Integrity Holdings Group. Their partnership started about 6 years ago when Steven decided to get a pittbull puppy from his local animal rescue. After the puppy gnawed on his wife a few too many times, they decide to go to a 13 week dog training class. The trainer??? TRAVIS! Conversations about Real Estate happened and the two men decided to partner up and be purposeful about getting into the business of Real Estate.

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How Mentors Change Your Business And Life

After about six years of running our real estate investment firm on our own, my partner, Travis, and I were burnt out, struggling to expand and frustrated with our inability to hit our goals while working so hard. We listened to other investors who claimed on their podcasts to be doing over 100 deals a year, and it sounded like such nonsense to us. But you don't know what you don't know, as we would soon see. Read More

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Eight Key Factors For Sustainable Small Business Growth

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New York Entrepreneurs: Nine Ways To Get Honest Client Feedback

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