Integrity  Holdings  Group  is  a  Real  Estate  Investment  Company  involved  in  sourcing  and  executing  on  value  add  commercial  opportunities.  Integrity  Holdings  Group  and  it’s    numerous  partnerships  connect  and  deploy  capital  into  fixed,  steady,  asset  secured  returns  that  create  predictable  cash  flow.  Currently,  Integrity  Holdings  Group  and  it’s  Partners  own  and  operate  over  2k  units  valued  at  150MM  in  assets,  and  have  1,000  units  overfunded  and  in  development.  

Features Overview

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Catalina Village

225 W. Catalina Dr, Yuma, AZ

Catalina Village is centrally located in Yuma, Arizona and is within walking distance to banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping centers.

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CubeSmart Run Storage Facility

Davenport Fl

Just outside of Orlando, the 2nd fastest growing city in the country as noted by Forbes, this 1193 unit self storage facility will serve the greater orlando population for its storage needs